twine for Zoom, Part of the Curated Essential Apps for Zoom, Now Available to Zoom Customers as a Standard Feature

We have some huge news today!


twine for Zoom is now AI Note Taking & Breakouts by twine. The app now includes seamless AI Note Taking and Sharing, perfect for Chiefs of Staff, Founders, Managers and anyone else who had been previously tasked with running a minute AND taking notes. Let our Zoom app do the heavy lifting from a note taking perspective.

As many of you all know, we’ve been working closely with our friends at Zoom to deliver speed networking and advanced breakout rooms to Zoom customers via our app, twine for Zoom.

And we’ve been doing quite well to date.  twine for Zoom has powered tens of thousands of conversations across thousands of orgs, and is growing very quickly.

But as of today, twine’s exposure is about to become much, much larger.  

Zoom launches Essential Apps, featuring a new pro version of twine (and several other standout apps), embedded in the Zoom Meetings experience in a side dock for customers with a Zoom One Pro, Business, or Business Plus subscription.

Premium versions of each of the Essential Apps will be made available to Zoom customers with a Zoom One, Pro, Business, or Business Plus subscription at no additional cost for one year. Terms apply. 

What does this mean for you?  

Well, if you want to enjoy unlimited usage of twine’s speed networking and visual breakout mode, there are two ways to go; 1) you can purchase directly from twine; 2) you can purchase a Zoom subscription (Zoom One Pro, Business, or Business Plus) and automatically get unlimited access to several of twine’s modes.

Here’s how twine will show up for qualifying Zoom customers:

Here is the official language from Zoom on what you need to know:

twine for Zoom is featured as part of Zoom curated Essential Apps to help grow and manage your business with apps that take meeting notes, engage your team with interactive activities and deliver insights to improve customer conversations.  twine for Zoom, bundled with Zoom curated Essential Apps, helps create connection with advanced breakout rooms and speed networking functionality.  Gain access to twine for Zoom premium features and more with Essential Apps included in Zoom One Pro, Business or Business Plus subscriptions. Learn more today. Terms apply.

We are thrilled to bring the magic of twine for Zoom to Zoom’s customers, and are honored to be featured as part of Essential Apps.

Upgrade here to access some free twine modes 🎉

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Written by Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder

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