About ambient

Our mission is to help Chiefs of Staff and Leaders leverage AI to be more productive.

Chiefs of Staff and leaders use twine Ambient to automate administrative tasks like note taking, information dissemination, and task management to allow them to focus on more strategic work streams.

Ambient is a technology company focused on helping teams be more productive. We're a global company with presence in San Francisco, New York City, India, and the Philippines.

Team Ambient

Lawrence Coburn
Co-Founder & CEO
Lawrence (aka LC) is our co-founder and CEO, and is responsible for keeping the lights on, articulating the vision, and convincing great people to join the team. Lawrence is a serial entrepreneur who lives in the Mission District of San Francisco with his wife and daughter. Previously, he founded DoubleDutch, the market leader for mobile event apps, which was acquired by Cvent in 2019. When not working, you can find Lawrence riding bicycles with his family, on the basketball or tennis courts, and reading Science Fiction. Lawrence was once attacked by a monkey as a child, yet amazingly, holds no hard feelings.
My teammates describe me as:
Unassuming, Inspirational, Pioneer, Dreamer, Strong
Theme song:
Everything Now - Arcade Fire
Taylor McLoughlin
Co-Founder & Head of Product
Taylor is our co-founder and Head of Product, which at an early-stage startup means he spends a lot of time conversing, writing, testing, and more testing. Taylor is our rock and on a regular basis, everyone at twine leans on his varied experience and expertise which covers a wide range of disciplines from analytics to business operations and marketing. Outside of work Taylor is often playing beach volleyball, soccer, and sailing in NYC. He’s extremely disciplined and intentional about everything, including freezing his candies so he doesn’t binge eat them.
What’s a hard lesson in life you’re grateful you had the opportunity to learn?
My teammates describe me as:
Rock, Steady, Versatile, Inspiring, Intuitive, Multi-Tasker, Perceptive
Theme song:
Jeep's Blues - Duke Ellington
Brandon Catcho
Chief Technology Officer
Brandon is our Chief Technology Officer. In addition to being our resident IT support, he is responsible for developing our software portfolio, cultivating a passionate engineering team, and keeping an eye on the horizon for trailblazing technologies and methods. Brandon has honed his technical and leadership expertise over the last 18 years. Once the laptop is closed Brandon scours the streets of San Francisco for the perfect cup of coffee to bring home to his arsenal of synthesizers.In addition to loving all things technology, Brandon at one point thought he was going to be a composer and is a tad too enthusiastic about the sonata form, but really, who isn’t?
How are you doing, really?
My teammates describe me as:
Complicated, Polymath, Ethical, Effective, Eccentric, Decision Maker
Theme song:
Reptilia - The Strokes
Austin Carter
Software Engineer
Austin is our resident puzzle enthusiast and will finish the daily Wordle before you can even refresh your browser. Joining us from the Glimpse team through our acquisition, Austin works on our engineering team as a Software Engineer, writing code to build “beautiful things for beautiful people”. He loves to travel, seek out adventure, and loves any locale that allows him to spend his mornings rock climbing. He’s usually the calm, quiet, and collected one in the group but throw a good 70s female anthem at him and he’ll throw his hair back and rock out like nobody’s business.
What is something you are glad you did, but wouldn't do again?
My teammates describe me as:
Warm, Stable, Adventurous, Soulful, Calm
Theme song:
I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

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