Superpowers for your Chief of Staff.

Ambient gives CoS back 10-15 hours per week so they can focus on what's strategic.

“It's hard to take notes and lead a meeting at the same time - Ambient helps.”
- Series A Chief of Staff
“Capturing action items, owners, and timelines is mission critical. Ambient is my backstop so that I don't miss anything.”
- Series A Chief of Staff
“Sharing out next steps and action items used to be extremely manual — Ambient automates about 90% of it away.”
- Savvy twine Ambient user

Run the meeting. Leave the note taking to us.

Automatically record and share summaries of Zoom / Teams / Meet meetings with a single tap of a button. Learn more ->

Get daily digests of what's happening in Slack in the channels that you care about. Learn more ->

Never miss another action item, timeline, or next step. Let Ambient be your backstop. Learn more ->

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Connect the dots across departments and business systems.

Ambient's AI tagging allows Chiefs of Staff to follow the threads of projects and customers across multiple systems. Learn more ->

Track project and customer workstreams  across business systems like CRM, CX, Slack, Zoom recordings, and more

Identify key employees associated with projects and customers

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