Announcing The One-Click Slack App for Employee Connection


twine for Slack (install it here!) is a seamless way to enable serendipitous connection amongst remote and distributed teams. With one click, any member of your Slack community can initiate a twine virtual water cooler experience.

Just like in twine for web or twine for Zoom, employees are matched for back-to-back, timed video conversations complete with conversation starters & chatting functionality.

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How Does twine for Slack work?

💬  Anyone can set up a twine room by typing /twine in a Slack channel: Everything from room name, room time, conversation duration & ice breakers are already set for you.

🔗  A twine link is sent to the channel: Your teammates can pop in and out over the course of 45 minutes (if they feel like it! We don’t use annoying bots, notifications, calendar invites, or scheduling; whoever feels like joining can just click the link).

🤝 Team members are guided through conversations: Once a team member joins, they are automatically rotated through a series of 5-minute conversations with other colleagues. They can stay for 1 or up to 9 conversations, and pop in and out as they please.

💻 No signup needed: twine uses Slack's authentication system, so users don’t need to create any kind of new account to create or join a conversation.

→ Check out our help section for more details on how to use twine for Slack.

Why use twine for Slack?

⛹️‍♀️ Put the ball back in your employees’ court: Unlike apps that connect team members at random and schedule chats for you, twine for Slack empowers employees themselves to take the initiative in connecting with one another.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Identify the “culture carriers” of your team: Post-twine, we generate a handy summary that shows you how many people participated, how many conversations happened, and how many average conversations occurred. Identify the folks on your team that love connecting with others (hint: the ones that stay for 9 convos!) so you can empower them to start their own twines!

🤩 It’s free & simple: twine is so simple to set up, you can have your team connecting in less than 2 minutes from when you install the app. We’ll never ask you for a credit card; twine for Slack is free!

Here at twine, we’re constantly working to make our software as accessible as possible - through our integrations with partner platforms, by building onto Zoom’s breakout rooms - and now by partnering with Slack.

twine for Slack fosters employee connection and engagement in a way that is seamless and serendipitous. Try it with your team today.

Start connecting your team

PS: Don’t use Slack? twine is available for web, mobile, and Zoom.

Written by Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder
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