a Daily slack Digest

Your most important Slack channels, summarized.

Ambient summarizes the Slack channels that you care about into a single digest, posted directly to your Ambient feed. Stay abreast of key conversations without having to wade through channel after channel.

How does Ambient work with Slack?

👋 Tell Ambient which channels to summarize, and you will receive a daily digest:

Onboard onto Ambient.
twine for Slack
Tap your profile photo, and select "Slack Settings."
twine for Slack chat
Select the channels you wish Ambient to summarize. That's it!
twine for Slack screenshot
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Why people love twine for Slack

No Notifications: No noisy notifications, bots, or annoying reminders

Real Connection: Create authentic, human connection with real-time video calls

It’s Free: No credit card is required to install

Simple Setup: So easy to set up, you can connect your team in less than 5 minutes

Instant Impact: Receive a summary of all the conversations after your twine

Connect your employees with twine

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