ai assistant for chiefs of staff

Ambient saves Chiefs of Staff 10 to 15 hours per week.

Ambient gives time back to Chiefs of Staff and Founders with AI powered note taking, task management, and more, allowing them to focus on what's truly strategic.

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“It's hard to take notes and lead a meeting at the same time - Ambient helps.”
- Series A Chief of Staff
“Capturing action items, owners, and timelines is mission critical. Ambient is my backstop so that I don't miss anything.”
- Series A Chief of Staff
“Sharing out next steps and action items used to be extremely manual — Ambient automates about 90% of it away.”
- Savvy twine Ambient user

AI Powered Meeting Summaries, Next Steps, and Timelines, Distributed to your Team

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Automatically generate Zoom meeting summaries in Ambient.

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Automatically post daily digests of select Slack channels to Ambient.

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A focus on "next steps"

How does it work?

Ambient makes it easy for Chiefs of Staff to capture and distribute meeting notes and next steps to their teams.

Ambient uses AI to automatically summarize Zoom / Teams / Meet recordings & Slack Channels, and distributes these updates via a single feed. Example customers include:

Founders & Chiefs of Staff




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Summarize and share Zoom recordings.

Ambient makes it dead simple to record, summarize, and share Zoom All Hands & Team Meetings.  Preserve the learnings from your most important team meetings!

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One-click meeting summaries for your teams

AI powered productivity tools for Chiefs of Staff.