Your Data Belongs to You

Our commitment is to your privacy: we never utilize your data for training large language models or any other purpose without your explicit consent.

Align your Data Retention Policy with Ambient with customizable data retention periods. Ambient will auto-delete audio/video and/or transcripts on your own schedule.


Adopting a privacy-first approach, we prioritize the protection of your data above all else. For a detailed explanation of our practices, please review our comprehensive Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


We are SOC 2 compliant as of December 2023

Trusted by leading global enterprises, we adhere to strict compliance protocols to ensure your data's integrity.


Security FAQs

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Do you use user data to train LLMs?

We don't use user data for the purposes of training any models of any type.

How do you store user data?

We treat Customer Data - any electronic data submitted by Customers or Authorized Parties - with utmost care. Managed, processed, and stored according to data protection laws and customer agreements, this data is crucial for our services. We store it following industry best practices, limiting access to necessary employees as per Ambient's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, and categorize all data per our Data Management Policy.

Where do you store user data?

Data are stored in the United States.

Do you have a vendor management policy?

Yes. Compliance and safety are top priorities at Ambient. That's why we only work with vetted enterprise-grade vendors that have rigorous security controls and policies in place for handling sensitive data.

How do you manage access to user data?

We use role-based access control with stringent authentication requirements. Security is bolstered with single sign-on, device certificates, and anti-phishing and malware tools.