The Best Ideas for Remote Team Engagement on Zoom


All of our twines, in one place.

Using twine for Zoom during virtual meetings allows remote teams to get way more creative than just throwing colleagues into a massive Zoom meeting and hoping that they connect.

From virtual mafia to Google Street View tours, we have you covered when it comes to remote team connection.

Here are some of the twines that our team has personally tried and loved. 

team twine conducting Google Street View hometown tours


Virtual Mafia: Why not take a few minutes to pretend you’re back at summer camp? Try out this virtual version of mafia/assassin/werewolf at your next virtual happy hour. Rules here.

Zoom Musical Chairs: A fun way to combine twine with Zoom’s audio sharing feature. Learn how to play here.

Name that tune: Another great way to add music to your Zoom meetings. This game had our team crying so hard of laughter, we could barely breathe. The instructions are simple: use twine’s map mode to divide your employees into two teams/Breakout Rooms. Once they’re in there, press Command + B to broadcast your audio to the Breakout Rooms. The first team to message you the song title or artist gets a point. 

20 Questions: Have your team members come up with a couple character ideas, send them into Breakout Rooms, and keep track of points. Works great for Halloween, too; you can ask your employees to come prepared with a subtle costume piece that adds to their costume.

Get to Know You Ideas

Google Street View Tour: Set up a 3-person twine speed networking session, set your rounds to six minutes long, and ask your participants to screenshare Google Street view of their neighborhood. They can walk participants through their morning walk, their favorite coffee, shop, etc. It’s a great way to connect your globally distributed employees. 

Icebreaker questions for virtual happy hours: Use twine to sort your team members into back-to-back Breakout Rooms, then have them ask each other these icebreaker questions. When they return to the main room, ask them to share a fact about someone without naming them; the others must guess who it is. Find the questions here.

Birthday twine: Everybody likes being celebrated. Here's how to celebrate your employees' birthdays, using twine.

Ideas for Virtual Speed Networking on Zoom

Breakout Room Speed Networking in Zoom Meetings: You may think of speed networking as a way to connect people professionally, but it can be a great way to socialize, too. Here’s how to host a cross-departmental speed networking session. You can throw in fun prompts, ask your participants to create a Warmly background that says one thing they like to be asked about, or have everyone bring something to show and tell. 

Speed Networking on Zoom Events: Prefer hosting your networking events in Zoom Events? You can use twine to speed network there, too.

Training Ideas

How to Make Virtual Training Less Boring: Just like the title says. Shake up your virtual trainings here.


We update this list every time we try a new twine, so stay tuned for even more fun ways to connect your team! 

Come up with your own twine idea? Shoot us a message at . We’d love to include it here. 

Written by Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder
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