How to Run a Speed Dating Event on Zoom


One good thing about our post-pandemic world is that it has enabled us to transcend borders when it comes to building relationships. Whether those relationships be professional (working with a remote team) or personal (catching up with relatives on Zoom), we’ve learned that connection really can be possible from anywhere.

What about romantic relationships? Can it be possible to connect meaningfully over Zoom?

YES! As silly as it may have sounded five years ago, finding love over Zoom is 100% possible. 

Read on for how to run a speed dating event on Zoom.

  1. Download an app from the Zoom Apps Marketplace designed for speed dating.

Instead of throwing a bunch of singles into a big Zoom meeting altogether, recreate an in-person speed dating event by downloading twine for Zoom, an app that facilitates speed dating experiences with the click of a button. 

twine for Zoom enables hosts to sort participants into timed, back-to-back Breakout Rooms based on any kind of rule. Match men with women, women with women, fans of country music, etc. The options are endless.

The app also comes with built-in icebreakers to get the conversation flowing. 

Read more here about how to set up your own custom speed-dating rules in twine for Zoom. 

  1. Plan your event.

Choose a time, schedule the Zoom meeting, and create a fun virtual invitation using Canva or eVite

When planning your invite, make sure to decide on a theme. Are you catering towards singles in a specific region? Men and women in their thirties? The most successful speed dating events are focused on a smaller group that are more likely to have things in common. 

That being said, twine for Zoom enables hosts to create specific matching tags based on specific characteristics, such as “man in 30s” looking to meet with “woman in 30’s.” 

  1. Find your singles.

There are tons of Facebook groups catered towards people looking for love. You can search for groups that are located in a specific area - ie “Bay Area Singles” - and 


The cool thing about running a speed dating event on Zoom is that you don’t have to use it just for dating dating. You can run speed dating style events for connecting relatives, bringing remote employees closer together, or facilitating recruiting events for alumni.

Download twine for Zoom and start dating. 

Written by Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder
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