Ambient brings AI Analysis to your Email


New Feature Alert!

Have you ever found yourself face to face with a monster email thread that is littered with things that you are supposed to get done and crucial little details?

If so, please read on.

Here at Ambient, we have been quietly working to bring the same AI powered task extraction and summarization to email, that we do for online meetings.

So let’s get back to the Problem of the Monster Email Thread.  Historically, you have had two options for extracting out the important bits from a giant email exchange:

  1. Go through manually, email by email, noting down the important stuff.
  2. Send your email to a human and ask them to help you parse it.

Well today, we are announcing a Better Way:

Starting today, you can forward any email or email thread to and we will work our magic; extracting all of the tasks, surfacing Key Details (dates, links, docs, $$, etc), and giving you a flash of Decisions to Be Made / Decisions Made.

Here is an example: here is a giant 26-email thread that I had with two of my CoS friends Maggie Olson and Clara Ma.

Forward it to Ambient and 30 seconds later, presto, I get this:

Like everything else Ambient, tasks are loaded up into your Eisenhower Matrix for easy prioritizing / triaging / assigning.

So we now have Ambient AI coverage for your meetings, your email, and your Slack.  Soon we will be announcing how we pull it all together.

Watch this space!

One more time for the people in the back…. Try forwarding any email or email thread to and see what happens!

Written by Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder
Lawrence Coburn

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