How Zoom’s New Breakout Feature Brings Virtual Teammates Together


If you’ve ever tried to run a virtual happy hour on Zoom, you know how painful it can be for both meeting hosts and guests.  

One of the biggest complaints attendees have about virtual meetings is the awkwardness of breakout rooms. Attendees are often thrust into randomly-assigned breakout rooms in which they force small talk with a large group of other mostly-unengaged attendees. Or they sit in silence waiting for someone to say something or facilitate the conversation.

On the other hand, it can take hours to painstakingly pair up employees in a spreadsheet and divide them into pre-assigned breakout rooms, only to have different attendees shows up and have to reconfigure your breakout rooms on the fly.

So say you want to run a virtual meeting in which engineers are matched with writers, mentors are matched with mentees, or fans of country music are paired up with one another. How do you do it?

twine for Zoom

twine for Zoom is the very first Breakout Room app for Zoom. The interface allows meeting hosts to pair up employees for timed, back-to-back conversations based on set rules

With the click of a button, hosts can pair engineers with writers, US employees with international employees, mentors with mentees… they can even pair people based on common interests. 

Rather than manually moving event attendees from one breakout room to another, twine for Zoom works seamlessly in your existing Zoom meeting. Hosts don’t have to do any pre-planning (if you’ve ever tried to create specified Breakout Rooms, you know how time-consuming this can be!), and participants simply join the meeting and start connecting

The app comes with icebreakers, persistent chat functionality, and so much more to keep your employees engaged.

Learn more about how twine for Zoom can automate your Breakout Rooms here


PS: Don’t use Zoom? twine works on web, too!

Written by Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder
Team twine

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