How to Automate Breakout Rooms in Zoom


Zoom Breakout Rooms are great for separating large groups into smaller, more impactful discussion groups. 

That being said, Breakout Rooms can be difficult to set up. You can automatically send participants into Breakout Sessions with one click, but if you want to do more than that - say, sort people based on custom rules, or rotate through multiple Breakout sessions - it can make things complicated.

Here’s how to automate Breakout Rooms in Zoom– and how to do some other cool things you might not have known about. 

Automatically Rotating Breakout Rooms

Automatically rotating Breakout Rooms can be used for facilitating speed networking events, adding variety into conversations, or simply enabling participants to meet with more people than they would in just one Breakout Room conversation.

By downloading the Zoom App twine for Zoom (free for up to 5 people), hosts can automatically send participants into timed Breakout Rooms that automatically rotate after a set period of time. 

Hosts simply select the matchmaking mode “Shuffle,” set the conversation length, set the group size, and hit go. 

When you want the rotations to stop, hosts just have to click “end matchmaking,” and all participants will be returned to the main meeting room. 

Only the host has to download twine for Zoom, but participants who also download the app get to follow along with a countdown timer and access curated icebreaker questions.

Assigning Participants to Breakout Rooms Based on Custom Rules

Say you want to sort people into Breakout Rooms - based on things like interests, job roles, or project themes - but you don’t want to go through the process of manually assigning the groups. 

twine for Zoom also enables hosts to create custom sorting rules. 

Hosts can choose between two matchmaking modes that will automatically launch participants into Breakout Rooms:

  • “A/B” matchmaking mode, which pairs members of category ‘A’ with members of category ‘B.’ Match India employees with US employees, recruiters with job seekers, etc.
  • “Tag-Based” matchmaking mode, which follows similar logic, but allows participants to say with whom they would like to meet.

Read more about how you can use twine to assign participants into Breakout Rooms using custom rules.

Allow Participants to Choose Their Own Breakout Rooms

Want participants to be able to choose what Breakout Room they go into, and enable them to move in and out as they please?

twine for Zoom can do that, too. 

Hosts can create themed tables based on topics, interests, or departments. As participants click “join” on a table, they will be launched into that Breakout Room and their profile icon will populate one of the tables “seats.” Participants can see where everyone is, and move in and out whenever they feel like doing so.

Here’s more on how to let participants choose their own Breakout Rooms using twine. 


Using twine to automate Zoom Breakout Rooms can change the way that your team communicates. Not only does it make life easier for hosts, it gives participants the ability to truly connect.

Download twine for Zoom → 

PS: Need help? Check out these articles on how to use twine for Zoom or book a free 15 minute training session with us.

Written by Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder
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