The 5 Best Zoom Apps for Remote Team Engagement


In 2021, the percentage of engaged employees dropped for the first time in years. Figuring out how to engage members of a remote or distributed team is an employers’ greatest challenge as we embark into a new world of work.

Spending most of our days on Zoom calls, without any of the camaraderie, connection, and connection that used to happen in the office, it is not hard to see how employee engagement is declining.

Enter: Zoom Apps.

Adding apps onto Zoom's platform is a great way to leverage a tool that your team is already familiar with, in a way that dramatically improves the remote work experience. Meetings can now incorporate tools such as productivity apps for co-working, fun games and activities for breaking the ice, and mental health apps for boosting virtual employee moral.

What are Zoom Apps?

Zoom Apps are features that are directly embedded into your Zoom experience. Think of apps in the App Store that add features and services to your phone. They’re all about enhancing your video chat experience: you can use productivity apps for co-working, activities for breaking the ice, and games for connecting virtually with loved ones.

How do I use Zoom Apps?

The Zoom Apps button is located in the bottom right corner of your Zoom meeting client. Don’t see it? Here are some reasons why that might be

Our Favorite Zoom Apps for Remote Team Engagement

twine for Zoom

twine for Zoom (okay, we're a little biased here!) encourages serendipitous human connection through automated, back-to-back breakout sessions. A host can choose from several “matchmaking” modes - ie, they tell the algorithm to pair employees with shared interests - and the Zoom App will automatically sort participants into timed breakout rooms. Each conversation comes with icebreaker questions and cross-room chatting functionality. Hosts can even assign tasks across rooms and monitor progress. Recreate those hallway, lunchroom and coffee break conversations that made work feel human!


Bored eases awkward Zoom intros by generating video backgrounds that spark conversation. It’s a great way for remote employees to get to know each other while still going about regular business. 

Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach encourages remote employees to check in with how they’re feeling. The Zoom App comes with desk-friendly workouts and chair yoga, stretching practices, mindfulness tools, and creativity boosters.


Miro, the virtual collaboration whiteboard website, can now integrate right into your Zoom call. The Zoom App lets you instantly add a Miro board to any Zoom meeting, and seamlessly invite participants to collaborate on it in real time.


Funtivity is an easy, quick way to make virtual happy hours a little more exciting. Meeting participants can go through virtual escape rooms, compete in trivia, and complete challenges– all without leaving Zoom.

Integrating Zoom apps into a workflow that your employees are already familiar with makes it easy to engage participants and combat Zoom fatigue.

If you're interested in trialing twine for Zoom for your team, get your name on our waitlist here.

Written by Lawrence Coburn, CEO and Co-Founder
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