Supercharge the Office of the CEO

Drive elite execution, ensure alignment across executives, and foster a culture of accountability with our Office of the CEO offering.

your air traffic control tower

Alignment is Everything

Getting to alignment across 3+ extraordinarily busy people is expensive and time consuming.

Ambient leverages the unique, trust based relationship within the Office of the CEO to deliver software that enables instant clarity of prioritization without needing a meeting to discuss.

efficiently use your time

⏳ Ambient saves you 10’s of hours per week

EAs and CoSs often lose valuable time manually documenting notes and tasks from meetings, emails, and platforms like Slack, which is both tedious and error-prone.

Our AI automates note-taking and task extraction from emails, meetings, and soon, chat—freeing you to focus on strategic priorities.

quickly get to priorities

💡 Get to clarity on priorities FAST

EAs and CoSs often struggle to manage the deluge of tasks and determine which should be addressed first, which can lead to critical items being delayed or missed.

Ambient captures tasks from email, meetings, and (soon) chat and overlays them in a clear prioritization framework that aids you in focusing on what matters most, ensuring top priorities are clear and attainable.

Built for the c-suite

✅ Project management built for the C-Suite

Traditional project management systems haven’t historically fit well in the C-Suite; they are too manual, too complex, and are built for teams that are more often in the weeds.

Ambient delivers the first AI-native project management app that is purpose-built for the C-Suite. Ambient Projects automates the extraction of tasks from various channels (Meetings, Email, and Chat), and makes it easy to map tasks to projects.

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