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We've put together step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to help you install, open, and use twine for Zoom.

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Installing twine

Get started by installing twine for Zoom right into your Zoom account.


Opening twine

Now that you've installed twine, let's open it up in your next Zoom meeting and start creating easier, more engaging breakout rooms.


Inviting Participants

twine for Zoom is more fun with other people and participants don't have to download the app to use it. Learn how to invite your participants to use the app so they get the most out of your meeting.


Run a twine

You're ready to start running twine in your Zoom meetings. Check out our four matchmaking modes, setup your templates, and let the smiles roll in!

Need a hand?

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twine for Zoom FAQs

Do my meeting participants need to install the app to use it?

No! As the host, you can invite the guests in your meeting to use the app in Guest Mode, meaning they'll be able to experience twine without downloading it. See what participants see here.

Why do I need to invite participants to
open the app?

In order for participants to see the timer, view the ice breakers, or move themselves to tables, they need to be able to interact with the app. Until they are invited to open the app by the host, they cannot use it.

When I open the app, all I see is
"waiting for host to start"

If you're seeing this message, it is because you are not the owner and host of the meeting. In order to run twine in your meeting, you must be the host but also the owner of the meeting (i.e the person who generated the meeting link)

Can I customize the icebreaker questions?

Not yet! But this is a feature that is coming soon. You can make use of the Zoom screen share or broadcast message functionality to customize your breakout rooms. To learn more, check out this article here.

How do I access my invoices, billing details, and manage my subscription?

If you have a twine license, you can manage your account, billing information, and retrieve invoices here. Login using the email address you used to purchase your twine license to access your account.

Manage your account

If you have a twine license, you can manage your account, billing information, and retrieve invoices here.

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