Best in Class Networking, on Zoom or Web.

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For teams looking to try something new.
Participants: up to 6
  • twine for Zoom & twine for Web
  • All modes
  • Self-guided support
twine is global


For individuals, SMBs, education, training, accelerators, nonprofits, & communities.
$99/mo. per host
Participants: up to 250 per month
  • twine for Zoom (all modes)
  • 1:1 training from our team
  • Discounted annual rate ($990/year)
17% discount
$990/yr. per host
Participants: Unlimited
  • twine for Zoom (all modes)
  • 1:1 training from our team
  • Discounted annual rate ($990/year)


For distributed teams & companies with 100+ employees
Participants: unlimited
  • twine for Zoom & twine for Web
  • Everything from Pro
  • Infosec / Security questionnaires
  • Dedicated support
  • Analytics / Reporting
  • Slack app
  • SSO
Breakout pricing


How is a "guest" defined?

A guest is a unique user of twine.

How many guests can be in a small group twine?

twine supports up to five guests in a twine networking room at once, and up to 10k concurrent guests at a twine hosted event.

What happens after my 14 days are up with the Per Event package?

Once your 14-day, per event license is up, you may no longer create new networking rooms until buying another per event license, or converting to a business plan.

May I buy additional admin licenses?

For sure — please contact us.

May I buy additional branding packages beyond what is allotted in my plan?

Yup. Please contact us.

Do you offer non-profit or higher ed pricing?

Our goal is for twine to be accessible to all. Please contact us.

How does billing work?

For Per Event plans, you will be billed up front. If your usage goes over your license level, we will settle up after.

Our Business plans are billed annually, and paid upfront.

Are there extra costs for support and branding in the Per Event and Business plans?


I would like to partner with twine. What should I do?

Book a time with our Head of Partnerships, Evan Casey or contact us for more information.

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