#twineTalks: Leveraging Event Design to Create Impactful Remote Onboarding Experiences

Dec 16, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

As more and more organizations continue to adopt remote and hybrid work models, the process of onboarding new employees has become increasingly complex.

Without a physical office, onboarding teams are now challenged with coming up with new, creative ways to integrate new hires on to a team. They must think of innovative strategies to teach new team members about the norms, culture, and values of the organization. Your remote onboarding experience now needs to be more engaging, interactive, and immersive. It's become an event.

We're excited to welcome Jennifer Jackson, Manager, Talent Acquisition Services and Projects, from the City of Edmonton who will discuss their remote onboarding strategies with us before we give you a chance to connect with each other.

Join us for our last #twineTalks event of the year as we discuss how event design and design thinking can be used to create more impactful remote onboarding experiences.

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