#twineTalks: Designing Experiences that Connect Your Remote Teams

Oct 21, 2021
4:00 - 5:00 PM EDT

As remote work, flexible hours, hybrid workplaces, and asynchronous teams becomes the norm, organizations that want to stay competitive, need to figure out how to keep their remote teams connected and engaged.

Leaders know that if they want to access the best talent, they need to figure out how to create thriving remote teams. However, decreased morale, burnout, declining engagement, and loss of culture top the list of challenges that leaders are struggling with when it comes to managing their remote teams.

Join us for our next #twineTalks, where we will feature organizational leaders who are working on event design strategies to keep remote teams engaged and productive.

Take in the expertise from our presenters and then participate in conversations via twine with your fellow attendees and ideate, discuss, and collaborate to create innovative solutions.

No lengthy lecture, no hour-long keynotes, just attendees talking to each other to create community generated ideas.  We learn best when we can engage in conversation, network with our peers, and exchange ideas, unfiltered, so join us and let's chat!


  • Tiernan Madorno, New-Hire Culture & Engagement, Microsoft
  • Sarah Noll Wilson, Executive Coach, Transformer of Teams, and Researcher.

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