#SeriousFun: Networking & Learning Combined in partnership with MPI

Sep 16, 2021
9-10 a.m. EDT

Networking is one of the main reasons for having meetings and we have all done it. It is often also part of online event. But just putting people together in a (virtual) room does not always ensure your networking objectives are met.

In this experimental session, a partnership between MPI Europe chapters & twine, we will turn regular networking into #SeriousFun, exploring how networking can be combined with learning to improve both.

Join us for this session in partnership with 9 MPI Europe Chapters and Meeting Designer Mike Van Der Vijver of MindMeeting, where twine will power conversations on how to mix learning with networking to engage your attendees.

Main takeaways:

  1. Explore how learning can be achieved while networking
  2. An Introduction to #SeriousFun : mixing learning and networking to improve both
  3. How to integrate twine in your online event tool for active networking between attendees

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