Running Remote AMA with Job van der Voort, CEO of Remote.com

Dec 16, 2021
9:00 AM EST - 10:30 AM EST

We're a proud sponsors of the upcoming Running Remote AMA with Job van der Voort, CEO of Remote.com.

​Job van der Voort is the CEO of Remote, a platform for international payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for businesses, big and small. The company is valued at over $1 billion and it's remote since it was founded in 2019. Their mission is to simplify how companies employ the best talent globally and help remote organizations do their best work.

​Job previously worked as a neuroscientist before leaving academia to become the VP of Product at GitLab, the world’s largest all-remote company, where he hired talent in 67 different countries.

​Remote was ranked as one of the best companies for remote workers by Quartz in 2021.

Lawrence Coburn, CEO & Co-Founder of twine will host this AMA with Job and the two will discuss culture, connection, and engagement in a remote world.

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