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What is Ambient?

Ambient is the first purpose built, AI Assistant for the Chief of Staff. Ambient aims to give 10-15 hours per week back to the Chief, so they can focus on what's truly strategic.

How Does Ambient Pricing Work?

Ambient is priced per user, but is designed so that only the Chief of Staff (or equivalent role) needs to purchase a license; other teammates can run for free.

What integrations does Ambient support?

Ambient supports simple two way integrations with a variety of project management systems such as Asana,, Clickup, Notion, Airtable, Google Docs and more.

What sort of ROI should I expect from Ambient?

Ambient strives to save its customers 10-15 hours per week. For many Chief of Staff roles, this typically equates to $30K or more in annual savings.

Can you fill out a security questionnaire for our IT team?

Yup. Please contact us.

Besides the Chief of Staff, who else can benefit from Ambient?

Anyone who is responsible for running meetings and driving productivity. Other titles include; Founder, Program Manager, Product Manager, and Operations.

How does billing work?

Our Pro Plan is self serve, and you can check out via Stripe.
Our Business plans are billed annually, and paid upfront.

Is my data secure?

Yes. We are under SOC 2 audit and expect to be complete by Jan 2024. Your data will never be used to train our models (or those of our vendors).

I would like to partner with Ambient. What should I do?

contact us for more information.

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